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Some Benefits Of Kratom Leaves

Kratom is a beautiful tropical tree that is native to the magnificent countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea. Since most of these countries are covered by greenery and mostly forests, it is indeed not surprising that Kratom would originate from here. Kratom has been famously known for its medicinal purposes and some health benefits. Some of these include:

–    Relieve pain

–    Boost metabolism

–    Help ease some anxiety

–    Increase sexual energy

–    Immune system improvement

–    Help with some addictions

–    Completely eliminate stress

–    Induce a proper and healthy sleep

–    Help in the prevention of diabetes


Let’s take a closer look at what Kratom does to what ails the human body:

  1. How it acts as a pain reliever: The leaves are rich in analgesic features and can easily and quickly relieve all sorts of pain throughout your entire body by targeting your hormonal and immune systems. Serotonin and dopamine which is released into the body goes up when the leaves are consumed through chewing in the mouth. It dulls the pain receptors as well.
  2. It is an amazing sexual stimulant; it is used by many as an aphrodisiac and also a fertility booster. It gives some extra energy and also increases the blood flow which can help in increasing the fertility in someone. It even awakens the dormant and tired libido and even conception rates.Kratom_leaves
  3. It also gives an immense load of energy. The metabolic effects of Kratom are one of the reasons it is so famous and is so widely used. It makes your energy levels skyrocket and also optimizes some metabolic processes and even affects levels of hormones. This happens because of the increased levels of oxygen in the blood, in the areas of the body that need it.
  4. It helps in reducing your anxiety. It helps a wide variety of people including people with chronic stress. Relieving people from depression, anxiety and even mood swings are some of the things it can do. It can do this because it regulates the levels of hormones in your body. People can finally be away from the kind of problems that were annoying them, the kind of things that western medicines suck all of their savings for. anxiety
  5. Because of the inherent and healthy nature of the kratom leaves and the combination of the range of their effects, they have been known to be used as a method for helping and curing addiction victims for hundreds of years. In a lot of cultures in our world, the addiction to opium is indeed a big deal, so therefore by chewing kratom leaves, it prevents the chewer. It even helps with withdrawal symptoms and nudges them towards getting cleaner.

Healthy Drinks To Have With Kratom Powder

Whether you are using kratom powder or leaves or even the capsules that you get, to relieve pains, get rid of your stress, your anxiety or depression, the fact remains that it absolutely tastes horrible. So right now, you want all the benefits that you get with kratom, but you want it with some amazing taste and flavor. Below are some ways you can make a kratom drink and make it taste absolutely good. And what better way to consume this, than when it is in a nutritious beverage form?

Here is a well thought of list of top 5 healthy drink options that you can choose from, that will make it so that you don’t even have an aftertaste.

These easy to make drinks will go down easily and help you experience all the benefits that kratom has to offer without suffering the bitter flavor of regular kratom:

  1. Orange or Grape juice:

These flavors are indeed some powerful choices to include with kratom; if you can get over the fact that it turns your juice into a green liquid, you will surely not even regard much of a difference in the taste.


One pro tip would be to sip the juice with the straw from a cup that is colored, or even a steel tumbler, this will trick your brain into thinking that it is looking at a regular juice, one that you know and love. Just mix the powder properly and wait a couple of moments until the powder dissolves.

  1. Coffee:Kratom-and-Coffee

    Nothing better is available on the market than coffee, to kill the bitter flavor of kratom; as coffee is strong and ground from coffee beans. It also has a ton of caffeine. This black liquid gold has the superpower to overpower just about any liquid there is. You can add some cream or milk with some sugar to the mixture to make it sweeter.

  2. Lemon Tea:

    Here is what you should do with lemon tea and kratom…Lemon Tea:

–    Add a cup or two of water to a pan

–    Let it heat up on a stove

–    Add the kratom powder

–    Let is mix well

–    Add lemon juice or even lemon tea powder that you get in supermarkets

–    Strain through a coffee filter

–    Add some sugar or honey in the end, right before consumption. This will give it a right sweet taste. You will forget kratom powder is even in there.

–    The lemon helps in detoxing your body.


    1. Chocolate milk or a natural fruit smoothie

      Add some kratom powder before preparing either of these. Ingredients to use:


–    Banana

–    Apple

–    Mango

–    Blackberry

–    Vanilla extract

–    Peanut butter

–    Honey

–    Ice cream (any flavor)

These ingredients will go perfectly with the powder, and you will be glad to consume it.

Things To Know About Kratom

Kratom is an exotic plant from the lands of Thailand, Malaysia, and a couple of more places in Asia. It is a plant that has some amazing health benefits and medicinal capabilities. Below is a list of a couple of facts and things to know about Kratom, do take a look.

Q) What is Kratom? How is it usually used?Kratom

Answer) Kratom is a plant that grows in southeast Asia, its also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, according to the DEA. The leaves a some psychoactive capabilities and can be crushed and chewed or even smoked. It has been known to be brewed into some tea or even put into capsules.

Q) Can one get addicted to Kratom?

Answer) Kratom does indeed have some addictive properties, as informed by the DEA. Many people had reported having some withdrawal symptoms when they stopped the consumption of Kratom for a period of time. Around 1 in 10 people in the research that was conducted, reported to have developed a liking and an addiction to the kratom substance. If one uses it heavily, they certainly cannot be expected to get over it by the next day, they will surely face addictive symptoms and may even need some rehabilitation. This happens due to excess use, if one uses it in a prescribed dosage and in some small doses for medicinal purposes, they should be fine, according to the study. I just want to say that, like everything in the world, Kratom has its pros and cons. We must strive to stay with the pros.


Q) Why do people consume and use Kratom?

Answer) Kratom is widely known for having pain-relieving capabilities and even reducing chronic stress and depression. People who were involved in the research had reported that Kratom even helped them stop using drugs. It even helped them withdrawal symptoms. People suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and even social anxiety have been known to consume Kratom and have some positive results after using it in a dosage form.

Q) What does Kratom actually do to the body?

Answer) Researchers are not entirely sure as to how Kratom affects the body. They say that it is not an opiate. Opiates have a sedative effect on the body, but Kratom has a psychoactive effect, just like marijuana.

Q) Are there any known risks to Kratom?


Answer) One of the common side effects of it is that it can give you an upset stomach, make you vomit, and even cause itching. The risks are indeed mild, and some of these might not even occur to many people.

These are some interesting things to know about Kratom, use it wisely.

The Best Kratom Strains

Kratom may seem like any other ordinary herb that is trending nowadays, but actually, it is a lot more than this. The best strains of kratom show some amazing and marvelous effects which include medicinal care, support and enhancement of your mood, boosting your cognitive thinking, relieving your stress, helping PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) patients and many more. Different individuals use kratom for many different purposes.

Commonly, kratom powder and even the capsules are used, by people who are not okay with chewing the leaves. A huge majority of individuals are indeed trying kratom for the very first time. Many people seem to believe that the best and strongest kratom strains are unbelievably expensive; therefore they tend to stick to the old and more common strains. Here are some of the best kratom strains and why you should try them:

  1. Bali kratom:

    This is a hub of kratom, and the very famous Bali strain has amazingly out of question effects on the body. It is one of the strains that take a lot of time to grow, but its effects are certainly long lasting.Bali kratom: It is collected from the countries of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. It is also not that expensive, so first-timers can invest in it and not worry if they do not like it. The users usually feel very relaxed, both mentally and physically. It also reduces stress, and your anxiety levels go down. It has been known to have no side effects like sedation and give you a care-free feeling. It has also been considered one of the best alternatives to painkillers. Dosage to be consumed should be no more than 3 grams.

  2. Sumatra Kratom:

    Just like the name indicates, this one grows in Sumatra, which is a beautiful island near Indonesia. It is an amazingly high-quality strain that has gained a lot of popularity. Its availability can be from white, red and green strain types. It is indeed well known for its unique effects on the body. This can range from a lot of energy production to extreme relaxation feeling.sumatra-kratom It has been known to be a slow-acting strain when compared to others. The white Sumatra strain is known to be the most effective one, but the effects have been reported to be short-lived. The green strain is apparently a moderate one, and the red variant has very long lasting side effects. The advisable dosage for the consumption of this strain of kratom is less than 5 grams. A moderate dosage works best for this strain. It is usually available in both capsule forms and even powder forms; you can consume the powder by mixing it with coffee or even fruit smoothies.