Kratom is an exotic plant from the lands of Thailand, Malaysia, and a couple of more places in Asia. It is a plant that has some amazing health benefits and medicinal capabilities. Below is a list of a couple of facts and things to know about Kratom, do take a look.

Q) What is Kratom? How is it usually used?Kratom

Answer) Kratom is a plant that grows in southeast Asia, its also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, according to the DEA. The leaves a some psychoactive capabilities and can be crushed and chewed or even smoked. It has been known to be brewed into some tea or even put into capsules.

Q) Can one get addicted to Kratom?

Answer) Kratom does indeed have some addictive properties, as informed by the DEA. Many people had reported having some withdrawal symptoms when they stopped the consumption of Kratom for a period of time. Around 1 in 10 people in the research that was conducted, reported to have developed a liking and an addiction to the kratom substance. If one uses it heavily, they certainly cannot be expected to get over it by the next day, they will surely face addictive symptoms and may even need some rehabilitation. This happens due to excess use, if one uses it in a prescribed dosage and in some small doses for medicinal purposes, they should be fine, according to the study. I just want to say that, like everything in the world, Kratom has its pros and cons. We must strive to stay with the pros.


Q) Why do people consume and use Kratom?

Answer) Kratom is widely known for having pain-relieving capabilities and even reducing chronic stress and depression. People who were involved in the research had reported that Kratom even helped them stop using drugs. It even helped them withdrawal symptoms. People suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and even social anxiety have been known to consume Kratom and have some positive results after using it in a dosage form.

Q) What does Kratom actually do to the body?

Answer) Researchers are not entirely sure as to how Kratom affects the body. They say that it is not an opiate. Opiates have a sedative effect on the body, but Kratom has a psychoactive effect, just like marijuana.

Q) Are there any known risks to Kratom?


Answer) One of the common side effects of it is that it can give you an upset stomach, make you vomit, and even cause itching. The risks are indeed mild, and some of these might not even occur to many people.

These are some interesting things to know about Kratom, use it wisely.